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Junk Removal Pricing

How am I charged?

Junk removal is all priced by volume, or however much space your items take up in our trailers. This leaves the price completely up to you!

To streamline the process we offer free, no obligation, on-site quotes. 

We send a crew out to provide your quote, and as long as your find price satisfactory we come prepared to complete the job right then. Once our crew is on site there is absolutely no obligation to follow through with the job, leaving you in control!

How do I schedule and on site quote?

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Book Online

Want to save some money? We can send a crew out to provide a free, no obligation quote! As long as you feel satisfied with our pricing, we leave enough time to load your items up right then. Booking online also gets you a $20 discount!


Call Us!

Call us at 803-448-4970 with any questions regarding price.


How much can I fit in a trailer?

Our trailers are 10 cubic yards! 

For reference 1 cubic yard is about the size of a standard pickup truck bed, so our trailers hold a lot!

In this photo shown here, all construction debris shown fit in one load!

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